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Westchester Stories Overview

In this section, you will meet real people and actual situations. For privacy reasons, names and some details have been changed, but all the events took place here in Westchester in recent times. No story will exactly match yours, but reading about people in similar circumstances may help you better understand your situation and alert you to ways to address it.

If you have a health care story that you think might help others and would like to share it, please email us at info@livewithcare.org. Identifying information will be changed in the published version to protect your privacy.

The stories below are organized based on the sections of the Live with Care Guide.

Being Prepared

Being Diagnosed

Living with Serious Illness

At the End of Life

How to Pay for Care at Home

This is a complicated topic. The stories in this section are examples of
how some people handled their situations. Yours will likely be different.