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Hospital Discharge

Planning for your hospital discharge begins at the time of admission and includes you and your family. The medical team makes a plan based on your medical issues and prognosis at the time of admission and adjusts the plan if your diagnosis or prognosis changes during your hospital stay.

It is important to be flexible in planning for discharge. However, you need to be very clear with the discharge planner about your expectations and needs. You need to understand when and where you will be discharged, so there are no surprises on the day you leave the hospital.

Options for care settings at the time of discharge include:

  • Home
  • Short-term rehabilitation facility
  • Another acute care hospital
  • Long-term care facility (nursing home)
Your choice of care setting at the time of discharge is based on the medical care you need, your prognosis, your insurance, your family caregiver situation, and your financial situation.

Additional information about different care settings in the Living with Serious Illness section of The Guide.