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List of Providers & Resources

In this section you will find contact information for providers who assist residents in Westchester County, as well as national websites offering general guidance and information. This information is meant as a starting point for your search, not necessarily as an endorsement of those listed. It is important to note that content offered in national websites is not always applicable to New York State circumstances.

Information can be viewed alphabetically (by clicking on All Providers & Resources), or by category type (by clicking on one of the categories listed below). If you have suggestions of additional providers/resources that might be added to our list, please email us at info@livewithcare.org .

NOTE: Live With Care has done its best to select reputable providers/resources, but makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of the information or the fitness of the providers/resources to any purpose.

Care Settings

Illness-Specific Guidance and Care

Support and Information