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Live with Care News

04/25/16 – World Premiere of documentary film “Mortal”


WELC/Live With Care presented an early version of this film in the Spring of 2015 and is pleased to share the current version of this ongoing project.  

Details below from Bobby Sheehan, Director of “Mortal.”


Occasionally a film comes along that creates profound change.
“Mortal” is one of those films.

We want everyone to experience the film “Mortal” at least once.  That is why we are making it available for a free 14-day WORLD PREMIERE online screening from April 12th to April 25th.  Share it with family, friends, co-workers and anyone who you feel deserves to live more fully in the present.  “Mortal” presents stories that inspire people to engage in defining life choices and decisions that ultimately free us to live our best life fully and fearlessly.

Click here for your “Mortal” Screening.